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Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart

In Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart, the founders of Pitt Street Research shoot the breeze and talk about a range of different things that caught their attention during the week.


Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart

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Episode 23 (4 October 2019)

In this week's episode: Ajax and Bayern kick @ss, New reports from the research factory, Marc and Stu explain stuff, Bellamy’s and The Barbarians, Monkie business.

Stocks mentioned: Energy Technologies (EGY), MyFiziq (MYQ), Bellamy’s (BAL) and Imagion Biosystems (IBX).

Beer: Leffe from AB InBev (Belgium)

Episode 22 (20 September 2019): The junk bond special

In this week's episode: Iranian Bingo. New research on seeds and chips. Whatever happened to … ? Bitter wives make for good drinking.

Stocks mentioned: Abundant Produce (ABT), Revasum (RVS)

Beer: My Wife's Bitter English Ale, Burleigh Brewing (Burleigh Heads, Qld)

Episode 21 (30 August 2019): An offer you can’t refuse

In this week's episode: Confession season stand-outs. An offer you can’t refuse. What can I get for 10 dollars? Yaks and wrestling.

Stocks mentioned: Aspire Mining (AKM), Afterpay Touch (APT), Crown Resoirts (CWN), Lovisa (LOV), Mesoblast (MSB), Rio Tinto (RIO), WiseTech Global (WTC), Woolworths (WOW), Xanadu Mines (XAM)

Beer: Sonic Prayer IPA, Modus Operandi Brewing (Mona Vale, NSW)

Episode 20 (16 August 2019): The “Shithole”special

In this week's episode: Don’t cry for me Argentina. Blue Horseshoe loves Lithium. How the Dutch got kicked out of Indonesia. Marc wears a scarf. Stu shamelessly toots his own Aussie horn.

Stocks mentioned: Wesfarmers (WES)

Beers: Bintang Pilsener, PT Multi Bintang (Surabaya, Indonesia) and Tropical Torpedo IPA, Sierra Nevada Brewery (Chico, Ca.)

Episode 19 (2 August 2019): Crashing in Queenstown

In this week's episode: Bioshares wrap up. Stuart crashes like a Spec stock. Equity markets outlook according to Eddie the Eagle. Yankee invasion of Australia.

Stocks mentioned: Somnomed (SOM), Volpara Health Technologies (VHT)

Beer: West Coast IPA, Monteith's (Greymouth, NZ)

Episode 18 (12 July 2019): Is that a Long in your Shorts or are you happy to see me?

In this week's episode: Tech Pride in San Francisco. ECM is so 2018! Happy birthday to us. Shorts that shouldn’t be shorts.

Stocks mentioned: Bellamy's Australia (BAL), Galaxy Resources (GXY), Orosobre (ORE), Syrah Resources (SYR).

Beer: Summer Hop Ale, Young Henrys (Newtown, NSW)

Episode 17 (21 June 2019): The Facebook Global Domination Special

In this week's episode: Facebook likes your wallet. Deep-throated finch saved from extinction. Dry humping in California.

Stocks mentioned: Afterpay Touch (APT), OFX Group (OFX), Sensera (SE1),Splitit (SPT), Ziptel (ZIP),

Beer: Tower Ten IPA, Karl Strauss Brewing (San Diego, Ca.)

Episode 16 (7 June 2019): The Trade War Special

In this week's episode: Trade war…what is it good for?. Aussie Healthcare winners. Battlefield Rare Earths. A hairy-chested punt.

Stocks mentioned: Cochlear (COH), CSL Ltd (CSL), Evolution Mining (EVN), Greenland Minerals (GGG), Lynas (LYC), Nufarm (NUF), Resmed (RMD)

Beer: Goldstar Dark Lager, Tempo Beer Industries (Netanya, Israel)

Episode 15 (23 May 2019): It’s the economy, stupid….

In this week's episode: What not to buy in a recession. New research reports from the boys. TNE: Priced for perfection?

Stocks mentioned: Coles Group (COL), Invion (IVX), MyFiziq (MYQ), Sensera (S1), Technology One (TNE), Wesfarmers (WES), Woolworths (WOW)

Beer: Balter IPA, Balter Brewing (Currumbin Waters, Qld)

Episode 14 (10 May 2019): The one with the Semiconductors

In this week's episode: Shock and horror in Amsterdam. The Pitt Street Research Semiconductor conference is almost here. Get one of the last tickets available!

Stocks mentioned:4DS Memory (4DS), Audiiopixels (AKP), Brainchip (BRN), Bluchiip (BCT), Bluglass (BLG), Revasum (RVS), Sensera (SE1)

Beer: Kaiju! Krush, Kaiju! Beer ( Dandenong South, Vic.)

Episode 13 (26 April 2019): The Kingsday Special

In this week's episode: It's Big Willie's birthday in The Netherlands. The Dutch origins of Lendlease. Nearmap is Coming to America.

Stocks mentioned: Lend Lease (LLC), Nearmap (NEA)

Beer: Grolsch Premium Lager, Grolsch Brewery (Enschede, The Netherlands)

Episode 12 (18 April 2019): The Easter Special

In this week's episode: An Easter egg for Stu. Dulux being acquired. Horny goats at Blackmores.

Stocks mentioned: Bellamy's Australia (BAL), Bega Cheese (BGA), Blackmores (BKL), Domacom Australia (DCL), DuluxGroup (DLX), McMillan Shakespeare (MMS), oOh!Media (OML)

Beer: Hopsmith IPA, Akasha Brewing (Five Dock, NSW)

Episode 11 (12 April 2019): How to survive a Labor takeover

In this week's episode: Marc's European adventures. A survivor's guide to a Labor government.

Stocks mentioned: Brisbane Broncos (BBL), Flight Centre Travel Group (FLT)

Beer: Fred IPA, Murray's Craft Brewing (Bob’s Farm, NSW)

Episode 10 (22 March 2019): The Tech Company edition

In this week's episode: There is hope yet for ASX-listed Small & Mid cap Tech stocks. MiFID 2 is coming to a market near you!! Smaller ASX-listed companies beware!

Stocks mentioned: Afterpay Touch (APT), Altium (ALU), Anatara Lifesciences (ANR), Anteo Diagnostics (ADO), Appen (APX), Bravura Solutions (BVS), WiseTech Global (WTC)

Beer: Sleeping Giant IPA, Gage Roads Brewing Co. (Palmyra, WA)

Episode 9 (15 March 2019): The Saint Patrick’s Day special

In this week’s episode: Barbarians at the Gate Part 2: Five potential take over targets. Three stocks run by Irish CEOs.

Stocks mentioned: Bellamy's Australia (BAL), Bega Cheese (BGA), Bingo Industries (BIN), DuluxGroup (DLX), McMillan Shakespeare (MMS), oOh!Media (OML), Qantas Airways (QAN), Resmed (RMD), Tassal Group (TGR), Yowie Group (YOW)

Beer: Kilkenny Irish Ale, Guinness (Dublin, Ireland)

Episode 8 (8 March 2019): The Barbarians are at the Gate

In this week’s episode: A2 Milk...the Great White Hope. Barbarians at MYOB's gate. Don't believe the GDP hype.

Stocks mentioned: A2 Milk Company (A2M), Fonterra Co-operative Group (NZX: FCG), MYOB Group (MYO)

Beer: Sprocket IPA, BentSpoke Brewing Co (Braddon, ACT)

Episode 7 (1 March 2019): The Mardi Gras Special

In this week’s episode: A big shout out to the BLT community. Blue Horseshoe loves Qantas Airways. Marc talks about penguins (and Vocus … and Optus).

Stocks mentioned: Parazero (PRZ), Qantas Airways (QAN), Vocus Group (VOC).

Beer: Coopers Pale Ale, Coopers Brewery (Regency Park, SA)

Episode 6 (22 February 2019): The Battle of the Sexes edition

In this week's episode: Stuart invests like a girl (watch before you judge). Marc is Talking Tech. The Germans are coming.

Stocks mentioned: Altium (ALU), Coles Group (COL), Credit Intelligence (CI1), Lovisa (LOV), Technology One (TNE), WiseTech Global (WTC), Woolworths (WOW).

Beer: Cricketers Lager, Cricketers Arms (Laverton, Vic.)

Episode 5 (15 February 2019): The Valentine’s Day edition

In this week's episode: Stuart is looking for Love. Marc thinks the end is Nigh. Gangnam Style at the ASX.

Stocks mentioned: Bapcor (BAP), Carsales.Com (CAR), Domacom Australia (DCL), Lovisa (LOV), Praemium (PPS)

Beer: Atomic Pale Ale, Gage Roads Brewing Co. (Palmyra, WA)

Episode 4 (8 February 2019): Our thoughts and prayers go out to all mortage brokers

In this week's episode: We feel sorry for mortgage brokers. No happy ending for Stuart. A shameless pitch for a new research report.

Stocks mentioned: Australian Finance Group (AFG), Blackwall (BWF), Mortgage Choice (MOC)

Beer: Pointer's Pale Ale, Monteith's (Greymouth, NZ)

Episode 3 (1 February 2019): Two old friends from the US

In this week's episode: Waking up to Resmed. Stuart disses brokers. Two old friends from the US.

Stocks mentioned: Afterpay Touch (APT), Linius Technologies (LNU), PainChek (PCK), Resmed (RMD), Rhinomed (RNO), Security Matters (SMX), Splitit (SPT), Yojee (YOJ)

Beer: Mornington Pale, Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Mornington, Vic.)

Episode 2 (25 January 2019): Making Biotech Great Again

In this week's episode: Stuart plays his Trump card. Marc gets hit with a handbag. Labor is about to take our franking credits away.

Stocks mentioned: Neuren Pharmaceuticals (NEU)

Beer: Seabass Mediterranean Lager, Yulli's Brews (Alexandria, NSW)

Episode 1 (18 January 2019): The inaugural chat

In this week’s edition: Marc talks doom and gloom about the Australian housing market. A brothel with a tax problem. Our take on positive discrimination in public companies.

Beer: Hop Splicer XPA, Stockade Brew Co (Smeaton Grange, NSW)