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Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart

In Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart, the founders of Pitt Street Research shoot the breeze and talk about a range of different things that caught their attention during the week.


Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart

In Friday Beers with Marc and Stuart, the founders of Pitt Street Research, talk about a range of different investment topics.

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Episode 20: The “Shithole”special

In this week's episode;

  • Don’t cry for me Argentina

  • Blue Horseshoe loves Lithium

  • How the Dutch got kicked out of Indonesia

  • Marc wears a scarf

  • Stu shamelessly toots his own Aussie horn

Episode 19: Crashing in Queenstown

In this week's episode;

  • Bioshares wrap up

  • Stuart crashes like a Spec stock

  • Equity markets outlook according to Eddie the Eagle

  • Yankee invasion of Australia

Episode 18: Is that a Long in your Shorts or are you happy to see me?

In this week's episode;

  • Tech Pride in San Francisco

  • ECM is so 2018!

  • Happy birthday to us

  • Shorts that shouldn’t be shorts.

Episode 17: The Facebook Global Domination Special

In this week's episode;

  • Facebook likes your wallet

  • Deep-throated finch saved from extinction

  • Dry humping in California 

Episode 16: The Trade War Special

In this week's episode;

  •  Trade war…what is it good for?

  • Aussie Healthcare winners

  • Battlefield Rare Earths

  • A hairy-chested punt

  • Marc’s Israeli adventure

Episode 15: It’s the economy, stupid….

In this week's episode;

  •  What not to buy in a recession

  • New research reports from the boys

  • TNE: The problem with being priced for perfection.

Episode 14: The one with the Semiconductors

In this week's episode;

  •  Shock and horror in Amsterdam, and

  • The Pitt Street Research Semiconductor conference is almost here. Get one of the last tickets available!

Episode 13: The Kingsday Special

In this week's episode;

  • It's Big Willie's birthday in The Netherlands

  • The Dutch origins of Lendlease

  • Nearmap is Coming to America

Episode 12: The Easter Special

In this week's episode;

  • An Easter egg for Stu

  • Dulux being acquired

  • Horny goats at Blackmores

Episode 11

In this week's episode;

  • Marc's European adventures

  • A survivor's guide to a Labor government

  • Fred from Port Stephens

Episode 10

In this week's episode;

  • There is hope yet for ASX-listed Small & Mid cap Tech stocks.

  • MiFID 2 is coming to a market near you!! Smaller ASX-listed companies beware!

Episode 9 … The Saint Patrick’s Day special

In this week’s episode;

  • Barbarians at the gate Part 2: Five potential take over targets following the recent bids on MYOB and Yowie.

  • Because this Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, we look at 3 stocks run by Irish CEO's.

Episode 8

In this week’s episode;

  • A2 Milk...the Great White Hope

  • Barbarians at MYOB's gate

  • Don't believe the GDP hype

Episode 7 … The Mardi Gras Special

In this week’s episode;

  • A big shout out to the BLT community

  • Blue Horseshoe loves Qantas Airways

  • Marc talks about penguins (and Vocus … and Optus)

Episode 6

In this week's episode:

  • Stuart invests like a girl (watch before you judge)

  • Marc is Talking Tech and

  • the Germans are coming.

Episode 5

In this week's episode:

  • Stuart is looking for Love,

  • Marc thinks the end is Nigh and

  • Gangnam Style at the ASX.

Episode 4

In this week's episode:

  • We feel sorry for mortgage brokers,

  • No happy ending for Stuart and

  • A shameless pitch for a new research report.

Episode 3

In this week's episode:

  • Waking up to Resmed,

  • Stuart disses brokers and

  • Two old friends from the US.

Episode 2

In this week's episode:

  • Stuart plays his Trump card,

  • Marc gets hit with a handbag and

  • Labor is about to take our franking credits away.

Episode 1 … The inaugural chat

In this week's episode:

  • Marc talks doom and gloom about the Australian housing market,

  • A brothel with a tax problem and

  • Our take on positive discrimination in public companies.